The war between the ants and bees has been raging for aeons no one knows how it started and now nor do they care. You were a peaceful bystander focusing more on tending to your prize daffodils (They won a prize at the Chelsea flower show). However, the ants have noticed you now so you must mount a defence. Shot incoming ants with your mouse and buy upgrades to keep yourself alive for as long as possible but watch out those ants might have some tricks up their sleeves.

A hit new game from the creators of Theresa's Naughty Campaign and Robot Rumble. Beetroot Studios brings you: Hive Defence.

This game is a submission to Universities of Hull Three Thing Game Jam. The three word that our game is based on are Bees, Crowd and Daffodil.

Bees - They shoot things

Daffodils - Produce Nectar which is the in-game currency

Crowd - Crowds of ants are attacking

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